How Long Does Tax Prep Take?

Did you know that according to IRS data, on average, a non-business taxpayer will spend a combined total of 8 hours planning, record keeping, and completing tax forms when filing on their own? That’s a full night’s worth of sleep!

More complex returns require even greater time commitment, much of it in record keeping. Here’s the breakdown based on form type:

  • 1040: 16 hours
  • 1040A: 7 hours
  • 1040EZ: 4 hours
Plus, according to the IRS, 5% of folks who file on their own have errors on their returns, more than triple the rate of those prepared by professionals. So, if 250 million Americans file a tax return, that's 5 million returns with an error.

Talk about losing sleep!

Accurate returns in less than an hour
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*Ask your Tax Pro for details.