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Careers at Jackson Hewitt

Join a team that puts people first


Careers that make a difference

We're on a mission to change the industry and lives. Join us at our corporate offices or at one of our stores. We work hard for the hardest working people. And it's a good feeling.

  • John T., Scrum Master

  • Culture

    Great jobs for great people

    We know that happy employees are innovative employees. That's why we work hard to show support and appreciation to employees and partners.

    Ready to make a difference? Successful candidates have these qualities.

    • You're a team player

      You'll get opportunities to shine but here, we work as a team. Inspire teammates with your passion and let's inspire clients together.

    • You're always learning

      If you're a fan of new ideas you'll like it here. We appreciate teammates that like learning new skills.

    • You're driven to excel

      With the client in mind at all times, set a high standard and bring your teammates along. When clients win, we win!

  • Joshua, Application Developer

  • Calling all Tax Pros

    Learn to speak taxes

    Jackson Hewitt is proud to offer continuing education and training classes. Our expert Tax Pros* enjoy flexible schedules, growth opportunities, and the chance to make a difference in clients' lives.

    Learn about our courses

    What are you waiting for?

    We're hiring!

    Corporate opportunities

    Located in Jersey City, NJ and Sarasota, FL. Build your future with a winning team.

    Jobs at company and independent stores

    Seasonal opportunities and flexible schedules are available for a variety of positions.

    Own a franchise

    Own a top-rated franchise system and join an industry leading team.