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Simplify your online tax filing

No matter what your tax situation is this year, we make it easy to feel confident filing taxes on your own. That means one low price for federal and state returns and a 100% Accuracy Guarantee.


Online tax filing software you can depend on

We give you the tools you need and ask the right questions, so you don't miss any credits or deductions and always know the status of your tax return.

  • Step-by-step guidance to help you select the right answers

  • Free W-2 data imports for eligible employers

  • Customer care support available online

  • Free storage for your tax returns and data for 3 years to help pre-fill your next return

  • Know your refund amount as you file

You could do your taxes online in as little as 30 minutes*

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    Create an online account in minutes

    Create an online account in minutes. Already have an account? Just log in!

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    Use our step-by-step guides to get to your maximum refund.

    Use our step-by-step guides to get to your maximum refund.

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         E-file, pay, and track progress toward your refund from the same application!

    E-file, pay, and track progress toward your refund from the same application!

We got you

File online confidently, knowing you're backed by industry-leading guarantees

Guarantees in everyday life have been in short supply. But when you file your tax return with Jackson Hewitt Online, we can offer you not just one but three.

100% Accuracy Guarantee*

If you have to pay interest or penalty charges to the IRS due to an error in Jackson Hewitt Online's software, we'll pay it for you.

Maximum Refund Guarantee*

If you get a larger refund or smaller tax bill somewhere else, we'll refund your federal return fees with Jackson Hewitt Online.

Satisfaction Guarantee*

If you aren't 100% satisfied with Jackson Hewitt Online, we'll refund your tax preparation fees.


Security to protect your data

The security of our clients is critical to us.

  • Multi-factor authentication: We invite you to add an account validation step at login
  • SSL encryption: Every piece of information you transmit from your phone or computer is encrypted
  • Activity monitoring: We'll let you know about account activity (password reset, e-file and payment submissions, IRS acknowledgement)
  • Layered Defense Strategy: We've put in place multiple layers of defense against security risks

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Resources for do-it-yourself filers

You've got enough challenges, filing taxes shouldn't be one of them.

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Tax tools and calculators to help crunch the numbers for your situation. 

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