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The Jackson Hewitt 5 Star Experience

At Jackson Hewitt, we make it easy for you to file your taxes with confidence, knowing you're getting every deduction and credit you deserve.

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    Fast & Easy

    See us in-store or inside Walmart and you can be done in as little as an hour.

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    Skilled Tax Pros

    From the simple to the complex, we will get to know you and your specific tax situation.

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    Maximum Refund Guarantee

    No one else gets you a bigger refund guaranteed or you get your tax prep fees back plus $100.

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    Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee

    Our tax returns come with our Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee. If we make a mistake, we cover interest and penalties.

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    Taxes done, the way you want, when you want. We have nearly 6,000 locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, plus start at MyJH.