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Owe the IRS back taxes? We can help

Get immediate action from IRS collections, garnishments, and more.

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Free Tax Debt Relief Consultation!

Do you owe the IRS back taxes? If so, we can help. We handle all tax debt - large and small, simple or complex.

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Need to review your withholdings?

Did you have a life change or owe taxes last year? If so, you may not be withholding enough. We can help so you’re not surprised.

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Working hard for the hardest working®

We’re not tax machines. We’re Tax Pros who've seen it all — from the simple to the complex — and we’ll dig deep to get you 100% Accuracy and the Maximum Refund, guaranteed, or we pay.

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Entrepreneur, freelancer or side gigger, we provide personalized service to help make the most of your unique tax situation.

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Jackson Hewitt's trained 25,000 Tax Pros nationwide are ready to help you get every credit and deduction you deserve.

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Every tax return we prepare comes with our 100% Accuracy and Maximum Refund guarantees, not to mention Free IRS Audit Assistance.

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