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An affordable path to growth

Our fee structure is among the lowest cost of entry for any national franchise brand


Benefit from our low start-up costs

Scalable business model

  • Grow at your own pace.
  • Opportunities to expand your team size and operations.

Open new locations

  • We work with you to identify locations that can support new stores.
  • Our franchise owners average over 7 locations each.

Program benefits

  • Installment payments for initial franchisee fees are available.
  • You don't pay full royalties until your third year.


The costs of ownership

Costs and fees
Initial franchise fee Starting at $7,500
Total investment $49,000 - $79,805
Royalty fee Graduated royalty structure: up to 15%
Marketing fund contribution 6.5% - 7%
Terms of agreement 10 years — renewable

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