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Our Promise

Working Hard for the Hardest Working®

We don’t stop working on your tax returns until we get you the biggest refund you deserve, guaranteed. We’re in your corner and here for you, all year long.


Only at Jackson Hewitt

Our guarantees are designed to make your tax prep experience mistake-proof and worry-free.

Guaranteed biggest refund or $100

No one else gets you a bigger refund, or you get your tax prep fees back plus $100. We’ll find every credit and deduction you deserve, or we pay you.  

*Average 2022 return, per IRS

Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee®

We stand behind our work. If the IRS tells you we made a mistake, we cover interest and penalties.  

Worry-Free Guarantee Protection

When you purchase our Worry-Free Guarantee, you can be covered for a reduction in refund or tax liability if we made a mistake.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Added protection for your return and for you

Available individually, and better in a bundle. Book an appointment and talk to a Tax Pro for details.

Worry-Free Guarantee Tax Protection

  • Up to $5,000 reimbursement if the IRS or state disagrees with your refund or computes a higher bill
  • If you're audited, a professional will manage your case end-to-end, including reviewing, evaluating, and responding to the tax authority's communication
  • Covers your returns for 3 years

Worry-Free Guarantee ID Protection

  • Scours the internet to pinpoint illegal trade and sale of
    your personal information
  • Restoration assistance for fraudulently filed tax return
  • Full-service support in resolving identity theft incidents
  • Comprehensive service to identify, cancel, or replace
    lost or stolen wallet contents
  • Protects your identity for a full year
File with Jackson Hewitt

Taxes done right. Your way.

File in person with a Tax Pro

Our expert Tax Pros are available year-round to help you file or answer any tax questions.

Drop off and go

Drop off your tax docs and let a Tax Pro do the rest. No return visit required!

File online for just $25, guaranteed.

Do your own Federal and State returns. The price won't budge, no matter what. Rated 4.6 stars!

When every dollar matters, it matters who does your taxes™


    Our Tax Pros will connect with you one-on-one, answer all your questions, and always go the extra mile to support you.


    We have flexible hours, locations, and filing options that cater to every hardworking tax filer.


    We’ve seen it all and will help you through it all. Over 40 years of experience and our guarantees back it up.