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Own a top low-cost American franchise

After 40 years and over 5,500 locations, we know what it takes to succeed. Join one of the top-ranked franchises for tax services and build your future on experience.

A message from our CEO: Come grow with us

Our commitment to our franchisees and customers starts at the top. "When we sit down and talk about our business, it always starts with people," says CEO Greg MacFarlane."


Trusted nationally, operated locally

We treat our franchisees like business partners. This means we listen, learn, and support you at every level.

Premier collaborations

We work with Serve®, Walmart®, and more to get the products and placements you need to grow!

Low start-up investment

We're ranked #16 on Entrepreneur's Top Franchises under $50k. Benefit from low start-up costs.

National brand recognition

With over 5,500 branch offices spread throughout the country and many in local Walmarts, our brand is trusted nationwide.

Exceptional industry stability

In 2021, over 170 million Americans filed tax returns with nearly half filed by Tax Pros.


Hear it firsthand

Becoming a JH franchisee was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I believe in the brand, I believe in the mission and I look forward to continuing my growth with the company"

- Allison Walker

Dolton, IL

“Being part of a franchise system has been extremely beneficial to me, I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel! I was able to follow a system that has been tried and true.”

- Shonae Walker Jacobs

Powder Springs, GA

There has been a thorough, attentive (and patient) team of knowledgeable professionals to walk with me through the unfamiliar. I do believe this is the best transition I have ever made in my life.

- Tameka Price

Colquitt, GA

*Actual customer testimonials. Sweepstakes entry offered.
Photos are illustrative only.


Benefit from proven strategies

We believe in our business model because we see it work daily. From total investment to marketing costs, we'll be upfront with all expenses.


Qualities of great Franchisees


For millions of Americans, the largest annual financial transaction is filing taxes. Franchisees understand this, and go above and beyond to get clients their maximum refunds every time they visit.


Top Franchisees hire candidates that inspire teammates and our clients. Each team member has the opportunity to improve client experience. Build a team that embraces the challenge. 


Jackson Hewitt locations receive extensive operations and marketing support. Top Franchisees embrace this aid and market their businesses locally, planting seeds that may grow into new locations. 

True believers

With over 40 years of experience and over 5,500 locations opened, our plan is battle-tested. Successful Franchisees implement a model that works to perfection, with constant support one phone call away.


Answers are just a click away

From details on start-up costs to tips on converting an existing business, all the franchise facts you want (and more) are at the tip of your fingers.

How we support you

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