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We support you

As a Jackson Hewitt® Franchisee, you're never alone

An established model

More than 35 years experience

Providing an excellent client experience since 1982.

Located nationwide

We operate in nearly 6,000 locations, including year-round neighborhood storefronts and seasonal kiosks in select Walmart® stores.


When you start with us, you're automatically enrolled in:

  • Two-year mentorship program
  • Five-day Franchise Initial Training (FIT) class
  • Year-round one-on-one business coaching
  • Weekly webinars during tax season
  • Concierge-level support from Regional Directors

With our training, your Tax Pros will adhere to the best practices and high standards set by the IRS.

Annual convention

Every year, Jackson Hewitt holds a convention where we:

  • Celebrate Franchisee success
  • Showcase plans for the future of the organization
  • Provide information-packed breakout sessions to share best practices
  • Offer CPE training sessions and industry updates


Enjoy the comprehensive support of our marketing efforts, including:

  • National media (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Hyperlocal campaigns and tips, including a playbook on how to own your neighborhood
  • Great products, promotions, and partnerships to help keep your offerings fresh and vibrant

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