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Learn from experts with our tax preparation courses

Whether you are already a tax preparer or you want to become a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro*, our tax preparation courses offer expert training from the best in the business.

Why choose a Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation Course?

Jackson Hewitt offers multiple ways to learn how to prepare taxes.*

Learn from experienced tax professionals

Attend classes taught by some of the industry’s best tax professionals.

Earn credits for course completion

IRS continuing education (CE) credits available*

Flexible course schedule

We’ll work around your schedule. You can attend classes while the kids are in school, during the evening, or on the weekend.

Choose your tax training format

Tax Courses are available in many locations and formats. Courses may require some on-site attendance, and may vary based off your location. You can sign up to learn when courses are available and which courses are offered in your area.

In-Person Tax Preparation Courses

You can learn taxes in a classroom setting from experienced tax professionals. Tax courses are offered on flexible schedules, so you can attend local classes at times that work for you. 

NEW! Virtual Classroom Tax Preparation Courses

Meet with a live instructor and fellow students for an active and engaging virtual experience. This format offers a convenient alternative to attending classes in a Jackson Hewitt office (Limited availability).

Online Tax Preparation Courses

You can take courses online and on your own schedule with support from your local Jackson Hewitt office.

Entry-level income tax course

What you will learn

  • Filing Information & Requirements
  • Dependents
  • Filing Basics
  • Employee Compensation
  • Saver's Credit & Child Tax Credit
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Interest & Dividends
  • Retirement & Government Distributions
  • Standard & Itemized Deductions
  • Self-Employment

Course graduates receive

  • Certificate of completion
  • IRS continuing education hours*
  • 2 credits with the University of Phoenix®

Time to complete

  • Approximately 31 hours*

Intermediate and advanced courses also available

Enrolled Agents and other tax return preparers are able to earn continuing education (CE) credit by successfully completing one of Jackson Hewitt’s intermediate-level tax courses. Courses vary between 1 - 3 CE's, depending upon the course content.*

Intermediate-level tax topics include:

  • Amended Returns
  • Capital Transactions
  • Preparing Returns for Ministers
  • Schedule K-1

Let us know if you're interested and a JH representative will be in touch

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