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Guaranteed Biggest Refund.

Or your money back plus $100. Book early to file early.

Free tax refund calculators

Get an approximate estimate on your tax return using our free tax calculator tools. For the most accurate refund estimate this year or any, see your local Tax Pro today. We don’t stop working on your tax returns until we’ve gotten you the biggest refund possible, guaranteed.

How to calculate your tax refund

Grab your tax documents and be ready to answer questions about your current income. Visit your neighborhood Tax Pro to better serve you. We’re open nights and weekends 

  • 1040 Federal Income Tax Estimator

    1040 Federal Income Tax Estimator

  • Earned Income Tax Credit Estimator

    Earned Income Tax Credit Estimator

  • Estate Tax Liability tool

    Estate Tax Liability

  • Self Employment Tax Estimator

    Self Employment Tax Estimator

Biggest Refund, Guaranteed

Credits and deductions

We’re experts at uncovering every credit and deduction you deserve. For the most accurate return, see your local Tax Pro and let us do the digging for you.  


Tax terms and finance phrases from A to Z.

Tax Talk

Topical articles about the tax issues that are important to you.

Frequently asked questions


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