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Family tax tips

When it comes to taxes, family matters. Your marital status and children can affect how much money you save – or owe – on your taxes. Find out how.

Tax File Minute: Answers from a Tax Insider

How marriage and divorce impact your taxes

Chief Tax Information Officer Mark Steber breaks down the three filing status types that affect those who are recently married or divorced.

Children and dependents

How will children and/or dependents affect your tax liability? How does the IRS define a child? And what does adoption mean for your tax return?

Filing status

When it comes to choosing a filing status, you might have options – but which is best for you and your family?


Wondering where your refund is? Here’s why it might be delayed.


Changed marital status

If your marital status changed recently, your tax situation has also changed. Here’s how.

Injured spouse

What happens when one spouse has tax debt?

Adoption tax rules—you could get thousands in credits

Adopting a child into your family is a profoundly life-changing event. If you or someone close to you has had this experience, you know how many new feelings – love, concern, protection, pride – come into your life.

Changed your name

Does the government need to know about your name change?

Changed address

Did you move last year? If you don’t notify the IRS of a change of address, you could be adding to a tax issue without realizing it. 

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