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What is a CP32 notice?

Mark Steber Chief Tax Information Officer Published On June 22, 2020


IRS notices are letters sent to inform taxpayers of important tax information. Each one is different, but we can explain what the CP32 is about.

Understanding your CP32 notice

The IRS sent you a replacement refund check.

Type of Notice

Replacement refund check

Why you received the CP32 notice

You received a CP32 notice because the IRS sent you a replacement refund check.

Steps to take if you received a CP32 notice

As always, carefully read the notice. Then, if you still have the expired check, you need to destroy it.

CP32 Notice deadline

There is no deadline for a CP32 notice.

About the Author

Mark Steber is Chief Tax Information Officer, responsible for key initiatives that support overall tax service delivery and quality assurance. Mark also serves as a Jackson Hewitt liaison with the Internal Revenue Service, states, and other government authorities. With over 30 years of tax experience and deep knowledge of the federal and state tax codes, Mark is widely referenced as an expert on consumer income tax issues, especially electronic-tax and data-protection issues.

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