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Job-specific deductions

What deductions can you claim depending on your profession, and how did tax reform affect them?


Tax reform and deductions for workers

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) eliminated the ability for workers to deduct unreimbursed job-related expenses from their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Qualified Business Income deduction

The TCJA added a new Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction. If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, you may be eligible for a deduction of 20% of eligible income before taxes. The deduction is available to taxpayers whose taxable income (AGI) is below $163,300, or whose joint taxable income is less than $326,600. QBI includes income from a trade or business, like rideshare driving, e-commerce or online retail, consulting, or reselling income. It does not include wages earned as an employee or business-generated capital gains, interest, and dividend income.


If you are self-employed you may still claim job-specific deductions.



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Jobs that still have specific deductions

Examples of unreimbursed expenses for some businesses:


  • Vehicle maintenance/upkeep
  • Mileage and fuel
  • Insurance, registration, and inspection costs


  • Chair rental
  • Supplies
  • License Renewal



  • Tools
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicle costs
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Credits and deductions

Tax credits and deductions can be confusing; find out which ones you might qualify for.

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