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2022 Conversion Program

Qualifying 2022 conversion candidates pay no initial franchise fee. Never pay royalties or advertising fees on your existing client base.

Rebrand your location

We offer a $5,000 exterior sign allowance and a $10,000 loan to rebrand your location. This rebranding loan may be forgiven.

Take time to grow

You only pay royalties and advertising on new business generated after your conversion to Jackson Hewitt. For your first two seasons with us, your royalties are scaled. The first year, royalties are 5% or a minimum of $1,500; the second year, royalties are 10% or a minimum of $4,000. From the third year on, pay full royalties.

The Jackson Hewitt Difference

Join a tax industry leader

With over three decades of experience and affordable start-up costs, it’s easy to see why Entrepreneur magazine gave us an exclusive rating.

We work for you

We'll handle the marketing, products, and coaching. You focus on growing your business.

We're recognized leaders

We’re a top-rated franchise with some of the lowest start-up costs in the tax prep industry.

We collaborate with the best

Our connections are your connections, so say hello to Serve®, Walmart®, and more. Let’s grow your presence.

  • “Thanks to Jackson Hewitt, I no longer have to spend valuable time in tax season choosing banks and figuring out how and when to advertise. Jackson Hewitt provides...”

    - John Avara

    Odessa, TX

  • "The fact that I didn’t have to pay royalties on my existing client base was a HUGE win for me!"

    - Chris Crockett

    Houston, TX

  • “I found that by converting my CPA practice to Jackson Hewitt Tax Service I was able to serve a larger segment of society. I began serving clients that would never have walked into my CPA office.”

    - Tim Barrier

    Cape Coral, FL

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