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Do more than taxes. Change lives.

A lot of jobs offer money or meaning, but few offer both. As a Tax Pro at Jackson Hewitt, you earn by helping others. Making money and making a difference – that’s what makes being a Tax Pro, more than just a job.


On-the-job benefits

  • Bonus program

  • 401(K) match after 1,000 hours

  • Health and wellness benefits

  • Flexible schedules

  • Free tax prep training

  • Continuing education


Opportunities for everyone

We embrace unique perspectives and ideas. No matter where you are in your career or life, we have much to offer you. No matter your background, you'll fit in.

Career Flexibility

  • No experience necessary.
  • Perfect if you’re starting a new
    career or rejoining the workforce!
  • Military and veterans welcome
  • College grads, retirees and
    bilingual applicants encouraged!

Work around your schedule

  • Seasonal opportunities
  • Flexible hours
  • Full and part-time roles

Growth opportunity

  • Learn new skills
  • Free training!
  • Get certified as a Tax Pro
  • Expand your leadership experience


Become a Tax Pro. It’s on us.

Choose to learn from an instructor in person or virtually. Or choose our self-paced online program. Already a Tax Pro? You can build on your skills with online courses. Best of all, it's all FREE*.


Got a question? Ask away.