• Comprehensive Support

    Comprehensive Support
  • Jackson Hewitt understands the value of a strong partnership. It’s easy to launch with our corporate team behind you. We can get you up and running fast. You’ll be on your feet – but never on your own.

    Layers of Continuous Operational Support
    Operations Directors (ODs)

    Operations Directors are assigned to geographic regions to provide you with valuable field support. Their familiarity with regional issues can help you develop and further hone your business strategy. By sharing insights during business planning meetings and conducting regularly scheduled training workshops in your region. Operations Directors offer training, give guidance on office performance and share advice on meeting staffing goals.

    Franchise Service Managers (FSMs)

    Franchise Service Managers serve as the daily support for all franchise owners and general managers. Jackson Hewitt provides a multitude of resources and programs designed to help keep franchisees productive and efficient. Franchise Service Managers help owners stay connected to these resources and are always available to answer any questions and provide support.

    Support Center

    We provide toll-free technical support year-round, with 24-hour coverage during tax season. You can be confident your office is backed by a qualified tech support team for managing software, processing systems, products and services. Our tech team also helps franchisees integrate federal and state tax resources, troubleshoot select equipment such as printers, and manage network, hardware and operating systems. We continually invest in technology, people and solutions to provide you with comprehensive support for approved Jackson Hewitt software and computer hardware.

    Annual Convention

    At our annual convention, Jackson Hewitt celebrates franchisee success stories, offers CPE training and showcases our plans for future innovations designed to help you grow your tax preparation business.