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IRS Phone Lines: Frequent Numbers & Hours

Jim Buttonow, CPA, CITP

SVP Post-Filing Tax Services

Published on: June 24, 2021

If you have to deal with the IRS outside of filing your tax return, that usually means calling or visiting them. Visiting the IRS is almost out of the question. With about 358 taxpayer assistance centers and long waiting lines for an appointment, face-to-face interaction is not realistic. That leaves calling the IRS by phone.

When it comes to reaching the IRS through its phone lines, it would be beneficial to know how and when to contact the IRS.

Here is a helpful chart of the most common phone numbers used by taxpayers and Tax Pros to get IRS help on post-filing issues and account information:

IRS Hotline

Phone number


Individual accounts

(800) 829-1040

M-F, 7A.M.-7P.M., local time

Business and Specialty accounts

(800) 829-1040

M-F, 7A.M.-7P.M., local time

Taxpayer Advocate National Hotline (central intake)

(877) 777-4778

M-F, 7A.M.-7P.M., local time. Local offices: 8A.M.-4:30P.M.

Payment plans: Taxpayer not in IRS Collection

(800) 829-0922

M-F, 7A.M.-7P.M., local time

Automated Collection: Individuals

(800) 829-7650 (W&I)

M-F, 8A.M.-8P.M., local time

Automated Collection: Self-employed and businesses

(800) 829-3903 (SB/SE)

M-F, 8A.M.-8P.M., local time

Centralized Offer in Compromise Unit

(844) 398-5025 (Memphis) (844) 805-4980 (Holtsville)

M-F, 8A.M.-10P.M. (CST) M-F, 8A.M.-10P.M. (EST)

Centralized Lien Unit

(800) 913-6050

M-F, 8A.M.-5P.M., local time

Treasury (Tax) Offset Program (not an IRS number)

(800) 304-3107

M-F, 7:30A.M. –5P.M. CST

Practitioner Priority Service (PPS) Tax Pros only.

(866) 860-4259 Option #2: Individual accounts Option #3: Business accounts Option #4: Automated Collection System

M-F, 7A.M. – 7P.M., local time.

Automated Substitute for Return Unit

(866) 681-4271

M-F, 8A.M.-8P.M., local time

Some tips:

  1. Get an IRS e-Services account: Get access to your IRS account by authenticating your identity on Access to these online services allow instant access to your transcripts and a few IRS functions.
  2. Taxpayers shouldn’t call the 1040 line for tax law answers: The 1-800-829-1040 number has long been the central number for taxpayers to call. However, since 2016, the IRS has not answered tax law questions on this line. Your best bet is to research the issue yourself or contact a Tax Pro for assistance.
  3. Call early: IRS phone lines get clogged up quickly. It is best to call at 8 a.m. to avoid wait times or “courtesy disconnects.”
  4. A Tax Pro can contact the IRS on your behalf: Tax Pros can access the Transcript Delivery System or contact the Practitioner Priority Service (PPS) to get information for their clients. Access to PPS is limited to Tax Pros with valid authorizations (i.e., Forms 2848 or 8821) from their clients.

For assistance creating a strategy to address your tax issue, visit Jackson Hewitt’s Tax Resolution Hub to see the various ways we can help you.

About the Author

Jim Buttonow, CPA, CITP, is the Senior Vice President for Post-Filing Tax Services at Jackson Hewitt. He’s been a leader in helping taxpayers and tax professionals resolve tax problems with the IRS, where he had worked for 19 years in various compliance-enforcement positions. Prior to his current role, Jim’s consulting practice focused on the areas of tax controversy and tax administration, which included leading product development on tax problem software for tax professionals, testifying before Congress, advocating for IRS transparency and efficiency, and proposing innovative large-scale solutions for taxpayers and tax professionals. Jim is also the author of Tax Problems and Solutions Handbook, a publication aimed at helping tax pros work more effectively in post-filing matters and resolving their clients’ most common tax problems.

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