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Careers in Stores

Career Growth in the Field

Jackson Hewitt store teams are comprised of Client Support Associates (CSA), multiple levels of Tax Preparers (TP), and district leadership. Team members are experts in their field, excel in customer service, and are provided with ample time and resources to support their continuous growth and development. Team members often start as CSAs and are promoted to the TP role. Within that new role, they can move from a TPI, to a TPII, and finally to a TPIII. TPIIIs are known as subject matter experts and actively mentor other TPs.

"JH learning Center taught me everything I need to know about taxes and gave me the confidence and knowledge to become successful. I have a friendly work environment that I know I can't get anywhere else. "
on Tax Preparer

Celebrating Wins & Giving Back

All districts across the nation host a daily conference call that starts with recognition of wins in client satisfaction, returns completed, and other company objectives. And at the end of each tax season, all of the teams in each district come together to celebrate the season’s accomplishments. Jackson Hewitt also recognizes and appreciates top performers through the TP bonus program and other award drawings. Store teams are also heavily involved with their local communities. In Southern California, for example, tax preparers support their local community by donating food and volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House Charities to prepare, cook, and serve the families who have children at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

"I like helping people and working with numbers. Being a tax preparer lets me do both. JH provides great training and tools along with terrific management support that allows you to excel in your job and to love doing it!"
on Tax Preparer III