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Jackson Hewitt® Offers Taxpayers Convenient, Safe Way to File Taxes

As Businesses Close Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Taxpayers Who Need Their Refund Money Can Still File with a Tax Pro

JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 24, 2020 -- During these unprecedented and unpredictable times, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® reminds taxpayers they can file with a trusted Tax Pro without stepping into an office. Though the deadline to make tax payments and file 2019 federal income taxes was extended until July 15, 2020, taxpayers can still file with the IRS now and have been encouraged to do so if they expect a refund.

"At Jackson Hewitt, the health and wellbeing of our clients, Tax Pros, and communities is of the utmost importance and we are cooperating with actions taken by government officials to stop the spread of COVID-19," said Alan D. Ferber, CEO of Jackson Hewitt. "We also know that many taxpayers could really use their refund money, especially Americans who find themselves without work or unable to pay bills. We hope Jackson Hewitt's ways to file are one small way we can help."

Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro From Home is a new service this year that allows clients to upload all necessary tax documents online and a skilled Tax Pro will review all documents, connect with the client to answer any questions, complete the tax preparation, and file the tax return – all without the client ever coming to an office. Once Jackson Hewitt has everything needed, the return will be ready for review within 24 hours, or it's free – guaranteed. In addition to this 24-hour guarantee1, taxpayers who choose Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro From Home also receive the Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee2 and Guaranteed Biggest Refund or $1003 that comes with tax returns filed with Jackson Hewitt.

For clients in areas still being served by local businesses, Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros are practicing social distancing, have increased cleaning practices outlined by local and national health officials, and are moving to "appointment only" so walk-ins don't create idle time or gatherings in a lobby. The company also strongly encourages all clients to take advantage of its Document Drop-off service. Clients can visit jacksonhewitt.com to get a personalized checklist of needed documents, drop them off at an office, and can then finish their return from home.

MyJH allows clients to upload tax documents to their MyJH account from home, work with their trusted Tax Pro, have their return prepared, and come in quickly to sign when the return is ready.

"During this difficult and ever-changing time, we know we are all in this together and we continue to serve our clients, get them their much-needed refunds while following the guidance of our local and national health officials," Ferber added.

To learn more about Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro From Home, visit www.jacksonhewitt.com/file-from-home.

About Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is an innovator in the tax industry, with a mission to provide its hard-working clients access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds. Jackson Hewitt is devoted to helping clients get ahead and stands behind its work with its Guaranteed Biggest Refund or $100 and Lifetime Accuracy guarantees. Clients can choose to file at one of Jackson Hewitt's nearly 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores and online. Jackson Hewitt makes it easy and convenient for clients to file their taxes. For more information about products, services, and offers, or to locate a Jackson Hewitt office, visit www.jacksonhewitt.com or call 1 (800) 234-1040.

1) 24 Hours, Guaranteed

Services may vary by state. 24 hour period begins after completed Tax Interview with JH Tax Pro and submission of all necessary tax docs and supporting info.  If eligible, refund of paid tax prep fee will be automatically refunded to credit/debit card within 72 hours, or on prepaid card if necessary (e.g. Assisted Refund clients). Other terms apply.  See Guarantee Terms at jacksonhewitt.com.

2) Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee

With our Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee, if there is an error preparing your return, your local office will reimburse you for penalties and interest.  You must notify us within 30 days of receiving initial notice from a taxing authority and provide necessary documents and/or assistance.  Terms and conditions apply. Visit jacksonhewitt.com for details.

3) Guaranteed Biggest Refund or $100

FEDERAL RETURNS ONLY.  If you are entitled to a larger refund, we'll refund the tax preparation fees paid to us for that filed return (other product and service fees excluded) and give you an additional $100. Same tax facts must apply. You must file an amended return with another paid tax preparation company and/or online provider by April 15, 2020 and submit your claim no later than October 14, 2020 with proof that the IRS accepted the positions taken on the amended return. Terms and conditions apply. Visit jacksonhewitt.com for details.

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