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Jackson Hewitt® Launches YouTube Series, Taxpertise: Answers from a Tax Insider

JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 30, 2020 – Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® today announced the launch of its newest YouTube series, Taxpertise: Answers From a Tax Insider, to inform consumers about key tax developments and changes. Hosted by Mark Steber, Chief Tax Information Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, the series’ first video shares what taxpayers need to know ahead of the 2019 federal income tax filing deadline of July 15, 2020, and what taxpayers can do to maximize their tax refund.

“At Jackson Hewitt, the wellbeing of our clients is our number one priority, and we wanted to create a way for them to easily understand tax laws that impact them most, and share tips on how to maximize their refunds,” said Mark Steber, Chief Tax Information Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. “The videos we create will be a great resource to help today’s taxpayers get quick and easy information, and I’m excited to be a part of it.” 

Taxpertise: Answers from a Tax Insider will cover many important topics over the course of the year, including tips for tax debt, unemployment, life changes, and financial changes caused by COVID-19. The series will also help taxpayers stay one step ahead with year-end planning, and how they can maximize their refunds before the end of the year.

Taxpayers who still need to file their 2019 income taxes can make an appointment online or take advantage of Document Drop Off. Those who feel uncomfortable leaving home can file with a trusted Tax Pro without stepping into an office. Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro From Home allows clients to upload all tax documents online and an expert Tax Pro will review all documents, answer any client questions, complete the tax preparation, and file the tax return.

To watch Jackson Hewitt’s Taxpertise: Answers from a Tax Insider series and subscribe, visit the Jackson Hewitt YouTube channel. To learn more about the 2019 federal income tax deadline, visit the Jackson Hewitt Tax Talk blog.

About Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. 

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is an innovator in the tax industry, with a mission to provide its hard-working clients access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds. Jackson Hewitt is devoted to helping clients get ahead and stands behind its work with its Guaranteed Biggest Refund or $100 and Lifetime Accuracy guarantees. Clients can choose to file at one of Jackson Hewitt's nearly 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores and online. Jackson Hewitt makes it easy and convenient for clients to file their taxes. For more information about products, services, and offers, or to locate a Jackson Hewitt office, visit www.jacksonhewitt.com or call 1 (800) 234-1040.


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