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Our Authors: Mark Steber

Mark Steber

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Mark Steber

Mark Steber is a Senior Vice President and Chief Tax Information Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. He has over 30 years of tax industry experience with deep knowledge of federal and state tax codes. Widely referenced as an expert on consumer income tax issues, Mark is also Jackson Hewitt’s national spokesperson and a frequent guest commentator on television, radio news programs, print, and various digital outlets. He also participates in public speaking events to help taxpayers better understand tax laws.

Mark Steber provides oversight for technical content placed on the website and serves as Jackson Hewitt’s liaison with the Internal Revenue Service and other tax authorities. He often collaborates with the business to guide the compliance of a variety of tax products and services.

Mark is a Certified Public Account (CPA) and holds additional certifications in the states of Alabama and Georgia. He enables public service delivery excellence and service transparency, and has previously held leadership roles in in the tax industry including IRS Security Summit work groups, CERCA, ETAAC and others. Prior to joining Jackson Hewitt, Mark was a tax partner with Ernst and Young LLP.


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Student loan forgiveness has helped the tens of millions of people paying back student loans. On July 14, the Biden Administration announced that it will be forgiving some $39 billion in federal student loans, affecting more than 804,000 borrowers. Read more to find out the latest.

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Top 5 Reasons to File Your Tax Return Early

Tax season can be a stressful time of year. However, if you qualify for a tax refund, it can be used to pay off bills and debt or add to your savings for a rainy day.

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10 Reasons Your Tax Refund Might Shock You

10 Reasons Your Tax Refund Might Shock You

Life changes like getting married or divorced, having or adopting children, and buying or selling a house have traditionally had an impact on your federal tax return. However, the 2023 tax season will likely throw surprises at taxpayers who don’t plan ahead. It's important to be prepared so you're not shocked by the result when you file your income taxes. 

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Tax File Minute: Answers from a Tax Insider

What tax mistakes lead to getting an IRS letter or notice?

Chief Tax Information Officer Mark Steber covers the most common tax mistakes that could lead to getting an IRS letter or notice.

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