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Expert help filing back taxes (no matter how far back)

Unfiled tax returns can cause lasting trouble. The IRS can file on your behalf and assess the highest possible taxes. You can’t apply for a payment plan or other relief until your returns are up to date. We’ll develop a clear path forward for you. Start for free.

Start for FREE


We work with the IRS so you don’t have to.

Our licensed tax professionals include enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs. They work directly with the IRS for you and know the best procedures to resolve unfiled returns. It’s the expert help you need.


A clear path to the relief you need

FREE consultation

We'll review your situation and discuss what kind of tax help you need.

FREE IRS investigation

We dig into your tax records and check 35 IRS compliance points to identify ways to fix your tax issues.

FREE personalized plan

Your expert Tax Consultant works with you to develop an IRS plan for your specific situation and next steps to resolve your tax issues.

Get back on track

We work directly with the IRS to resolve your case and get you back in good standing.


Real progress with no upfront costs

FREE 35-point IRS Check

Our licensed tax professionals thoroughly review your case and identify all avenues for tax relief.  We'll check your full tax history against a 35-point IRS checklist. 

No money down, no obligation

Only pay if you like the personalized plan we develop for you. You always get to keep the plan and your full tax history. 


We’ve got your back

24-hour Progress Promise

Once you authorize us, we immediately get to work. We’ll speak to the IRS and do a 35-pt check. Get an update within 24 hours. 

Expert help, from start to solution

Our experts review all possible options and seek the best possible outcome. You get a clear line of sight from the moment we start, and peace of mind at every step. 

Deep IRS expertise

We’re experts at fixing tax issues and working with the IRS. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to get it done.

Learn more about IRS issues and how to resolve them

Read more about How to File Back Taxes Without Records

How to File Back Taxes Without Records

What happens if you haven't filed your taxes at all? Most people file their taxes before the May 17 deadline: it's estimated that 90% of all tax returns the IRS processes in a given year are submitted before the deadline.

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How long does it take to get an IRS payment agreement?

If you owe back taxes and can’t pay, you’re not alone. In 2019, 16.8 million individual taxpayers owed the IRS. Each year, millions of taxpayers must get an installment agreement, extension to pay, or another, more complicated, IRS collection alternative to full payment.

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How Does First-Time Penalty Abatement Work?

The IRS has an administrative waiver that provides penalty relief for taxpayers  who meet certain criteria. This waiver is called the IRS’s first time abatement or “FTA” and only applies to certain penalties. The FTA has been around since 2001 but few use it to abate their penalties.

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What our customers are saying

"You resolved my IRS issues in a very proficient manner and with excellent communication and support."

- James K.

"Jackson Hewitt has been able to resolve my tax situation when other companies only offered talk and no results."

- Bruce J.

"[My Case Manager] at Jackson Hewitt is... very professional, patient...she treats customers incredible!"

- Bill C.

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