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Gig Economy Workers

Do you have a side gig?

If so, you may qualify for big credits and deductions, especially after recent tax changes.


More people are working for themselves these days, and a Tax Pro can help you find every penny you deserve. It’s simple and easy.

Mark Steber, Chief Tax Officer, Jackson Hewitt

As a gig economy worker you may be entitled to deductions for:

  • Maintenance or repairs for vehicles
  • Car expenses including oil, registration, parking, insurance, and more
  • Travel expenses
  • Business insurances
  • Licensing
  • Union or trade dues
  • Continuing education
  • Home or office expenses
  • Subscriptions or trade publications

Small Business Income


Frequently Asked Questions on the Gig Economy

What is the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction?

The Qualified Business Income deduction (QBI) is available to all taxpayers with qualified business income whose taxable income is below the threshold amount of $157,500, or $315,000 for joint returns. Certain taxpayers are eligible for the full deduction over the threshold amounts and others are eligible for a limited, or no, deduction of QBI when over the threshold amount. QBI is defined as income from a trade or business in the US including gigs such as rideshare driving, consulting fees, internet or flea market sales, and reselling income to name a few.

I work for a rideshare company – what kind of things can I deduct related to my car?

Maintenance and repairs for vehicle upkeep and expenses, including oil, registration fees, insurance, parking fees and tolls, and depreciation if the taxpayer owns the car or truck. If leasing, track fees paid to a cab company for using its cars, or rental fees for a truck driver's trailer. Make sure you keep a log of all your expenses, the miles you drive for business, and your total mileage for the year.

What type of advertising expenses are deductible as a gig worker?

Advertising expenses include business cards, the cost of creating a website to resell items, plus any marketing fees you pay to the home company if you are working for a rideshare company, sell goods online, or have another source of income.

What types of insurance premiums are deductible?

Insurance common to your business such as liability, bonding, vehicle, errors and omissions, lost revenue, etc.

What are the new deductions available?

If you purchased a new vehicle or other property used in your business, you are eligible for a much larger first-year depreciation deduction.

Can I deduct what I pay to e-commerce sites to sell my work through them?

If you are paying a company to work, or sell, through their name or to use their app, you can deduct the cost.

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