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Tax Pros mean filing confidently

When life changes or taxes get complicated, we're here to make sure you get your biggest refund, guaranteed.


Access to Tax Pros in more ways than ever before

Open late, open weekends, where you shop, with or without the office visit.

File taxes in an office
1-to-1 personalized and in-person attention
File taxes in Walmart
Ease of shopping and taxes done all in one trip
File from anywhere
All the benefits of a Tax Pro without leaving home

Tax prep backed by the best guarantee*

Don't settle for any ordinary maximum refund guarantee, get the best right here. Sit back, relax, we got this!

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Our Tax Pros will answer your questions, provide tax tips, and help you get smarter about your money.

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Jackson Hewitt is a leader in the tax industry, having prepared millions of tax returns in more than 35 years.

We’ll make it easy

We’re committed to helping you, fast and efficiently. Taxes done how you want and when you want.