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What is an Assisted Refund?

An Assisted Refund* (AR) allows clients to have tax preparation and other fees and amounts paid upon completion of services from either the federal or state refund.  With an Assisted Refund your refund will be deposited into a temporary bank account from Republic Bank & Trust Company.  

How disbursement works

Choose an AR for $49.95*.  An AR fee and all other authorized fees including your tax preparation fees will be deducted, and the remainder disbursed to you by the method you select. Disbursement options are:

  1. Direct Deposit onto prepaid cards
  2. Direct Deposit into personal bank account
  3. Walmart Direct2CashTM*
  4. Check*

Ways an Assisted Refund can help manage your refund

Ways to file taxes

Taxes filed by a Tax Pro when you want, where you want

Drop off by 7/12. Beat the deadline!
File with drop-off
Drop-off your tax docs to an office. No in-office waiting while we do your taxes.
Start by 7/12 to beat the deadline!
File without the visit
Can't come to an office? Upload your tax docs and we'll do the rest.
Switch & get $100
File taxes in an office
1-to-1 personalized attention with a skilled Tax Pro