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Working Hard for the Hardest Working®

We’re in your corner. We dig deep to get you the Maximum Refund or the lowest taxes possible. And, we’re here for you - all year long.

We guarantee our work!

Our guarantees are designed to make your tax prep experience mistake- and worry-free!

  • Your Maximum Refund Guaranteed or Your Tax Prep Fee Back - We’ll get you the maximum federal tax refund or your tax-prep fee back. Period.
  • 100% Accuracy Guaranteed or We Pay Penalties and Interest - We’ll pay penalties and interest charges if we make any error preparing your tax return.
  • Upgrade to a Worry-Free Guarantee Plan - What if you needed to repay your refund (or more)? The Worry-Free Guarantee® can help. Whether or not you upgrade, you will still receive the 100% Accuracy Guarantee, included with your paid tax preparation.

Our products and services at a glance

Industry-leading financial products, services, and guarantees to help you get more and get ahead.

  • 100% Accuracy Guaranteed

  • Maximum Refund Guaranteed

  • IRS Audit Assistance

  • Year-Round Service

Upgrade to a Worry-free Guarantee plan

Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros work hard for you and we stand behind that work. All clients get our 100% Accuracy Guarantee and Free IRS Audit Assistance, but sometimes you want more.

Coverage Benefits
100% Accuracy Guarantee
Reimbursement for reduction in refund or additional tax liability
Audit Assistance
Included in Tax Prep
We will explain how your taxes were prepared
Included in tax prep
Worry-Free Guarantee Basic
Up to $1,500
We will explain how your taxes were prepared
Fee applies
You Choose
Worry-Free Guarantee Deluxe
Up to $5,000
We will explain how your taxes were prepared
Fee applies
Worry-Free Guarantee Platinum
Up to $5,000
We will explain how your taxes were prepared

PLUS Audit Security:
A dedicated expert will manage and fight your case
Fee applies

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Getting IRS notices about tax debt?

Get a break from IRS notices and letters, fast. We’ll deal with the IRS so you don’t have to.

What do you gain signing up for a Jackson Hewitt account?

  • Track your refund
  • Store and organize documents
  • Get support

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