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What to Expect

A friendly face

Tax talk can be intimidating, but our trained Tax Pros are approachable and patient when answering your questions.

A convenient trip

Lots of our offices stay open late and on weekends – no appointment necessary. You can even drop off your tax documents and pick up your completed return later.


What to bring

  • W-2, earnings statement or pay stub for W-2 download
  • Driver's license(s)
  • Social Security card(s)
  • Last year's federal and state tax returns
  • Dependent information, such as Social Security numbers and birth dates
  • Tax documents related to medical and educational expenses

Other documents you might need


•   Medical and dental expenses.
•   Child care expenses and provider information.
•   Mileage records to doctor appointments.

Income sources

• Self-employed business income and expenses / 1099-MISC.
• Commissions you received or paid.
• Pension or retirement income / 1099-R.
• Unemployment income / 1099-G.
• Social Security Income / SSA-1099.
• Alimony paid or received.
• Lottery or gambling winnings/losses (If you itemize, even if you have winnings, losses may be listed on Schedule A in your favor).

Work expenses (unreimbursed)

After the recent tax reform, unreimbursed employee expenses are no longer allowed as an itemized deduction. However, taxpayers who are self-employed or small business owners should bring proof of expenses related to: 

• Uniforms, union dues/expenses, dues to professional societies, licenses and regulatory fees, subscriptions to professional journals/trade magazines, tools/supplies used in your work, occupational taxes, passport for a business trip, travel, transportation, meals, entertainment, gifts and local lodging related to your work.
• Job-related educational expenses.

Education expenses (unreimbursed)

•   Classroom expenses for teachers.
•   Tuition, books, supplies/equipment needed for a course of study, notebooks, ebooks, education fees, non-academic fees, student activity fees, athletic fees.
•   Student loan interest / 1098-E.

State & local taxes

•   State or local taxes paid.
•   State refund amount / 1099-G.
•   Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid.

Savings & investments

•    IRA contributions.
•    Interest and dividend income / 1099-INT or 1099-DIV.
•   Statements on stock or bond sales / 1099-B.
•   HSA Contribution.
•   HSA / MSA Distribution / Form 1099-SA.

Real estate

•   Real estate taxes paid.
•   Personal property taxes paid.
•   Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid / 1098.
•   Record of new home purchase or sale.
•   Rental income and expenses.
•   Repayment of the First-Time Homebuyer Credit/Form 5405.


•   Charitable donations, cash and non-cash.
•   Casualty or theft losses.
•   Mileage records for travel to and from Goodwill, Salvation Army, charity events, volunteer work, etc.

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