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Careers in Technology

"One of my favorite things about working here is that there aren't a lot of layers of management, yet there's a lot of opportunity for growth. "
Joshua, Application Developer

Only the Best Technology

At Jackson Hewitt Technology, their focus goes beyond providing best in class tax preparation to their clients. They’ve been on a journey for the past few years to transform the experience for their clients as well as for their branches. To enable this digital transformation, they adopted Agile practices not only within Technology but across the company as well. They're looking for enthusiastic employees who enjoy being empowered and owning business outcomes, not tasks. While other companies are still “trying things out,” Jackson Hewitt has completed their migration to the cloud and continues to invest in their DevOps strategy. They are located in Sarasota, FL, next to the #1 beach in the US—Siesta Key Beach—and enable a work life balance though flexible hours and remote capabilities.

"Working at JH is like being an integral portion of a startup company where everyone knows your birthday. However, we're still able to leverage our sustainable corporate competitive advantage, combined with the application of new technology, to dynamically enrich the lives of our users."
on Product Owner

Always Celebrating

Members of the Jackson Hewitt technology team are no strangers to celebration—it's woven into every team and level of the department. Each individual scrum team can host offsite events, like getting together at someone's house for a BBQ or simply going out to lunch together. And for certain project releases, a functional manager will take the team out to lunch. The department also has a monthly all-hands meeting. During a section of the meeting called “Shout Outs," anyone can send in recognition for one of their team member's efforts and everyone will celebrate. In addition, after tax season each year, there's a department-wide awards ceremony in which leadership gives out awards like “Most Valuable Team” or “Rookie of the Year."

“I love my job because every day Jackson Hewitt empowers me to improve the workplace and make us more innovative, collaborative, and fun to be at.”
John T., Scrum Master