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Start your career as a Tax Pro

Becoming a tax preparer could be the first step to the stable career you want. Gain the skills to make a difference in people's lives.

Working should be rewarding

More than just a job

Tax Pros can change lives for the better. Serve your community by helping people maximize their refunds. Benefits include:*

  • Flexible schedules

    Life is complex. Tax prep gives you freedom with seasonal work.

  • Industry stability

    Over 150 million people file taxes annually and more than half use tax services.

  • Transferable skills

    Learning to prepare taxes will benefit you at Jackson Hewitt and beyond.

  • Be the difference

    A tax refund is the largest check most people get annually. Do taxes, help people.

How to become a Tax Pro

  • 1


    Leave fear at the door. We'll teach you everything you need to know to make tax prep easy.

  • 2


    You'll learn about Jackson Hewitt's unique products and services and how they simplify our customer's lives.

  • 3

    Tax prep

    Pass a few tests to prove you're ready to do taxes. If you're good enough, you can work for Jackson Hewitt.


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