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Jackson Hewitt® Offices Open For 2020 Tax Season, Announces Refund Advance Options

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Dec. 18, 2019 – Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® opened nearly 3,000 in-office locations nationwide today to help taxpayers who want to get an early start on their taxes or apply for an Early Refund Advance, a 0% APR loan from MetaBank®. Early Refund Advance is available to new and existing clients who could access up to $500 before W-2s are available.

Beginning today, clients can stop by a Jackson Hewitt office with a pay stub, or other income verification, to start their tax preparation and apply for the Early Refund Advance, the No Fee Refund Advance, and the Go Big Refund Advance.

Once W-2s are available in January, qualified clients could get the remainder of up to $3,200 with the No Fee Refund Advance when they complete their taxes. Both Early Refund Advance and No Fee Refund Advance offers clients an advance based on their anticipated refund amount with no fee and 0% APR. The Go Big Refund Advance loan offers between $1,000 and $6,400 and is provided by MetaBank at participating Jackson Hewitt locations. The Go Big Refund Advance has a fee of 2% of the loan amount.

“Our Tax Pros are here to help you get prepared for tax season, whether you want to get a jump-start this tax season, some help with the new IRS form W-4, or apply for a Refund Advance, we want to help our clients get the most from their tax return,” said Mark Steber, Chief Tax Officer at Jackson Hewitt. “We love helping our clients be proactive about their taxes, and we take pride in offering some of the best products on the market to get money in our client’s pockets when they need it most.”

Clients can visit JacksonHewitt.com to see if they could prequalify for a Refund Advance. All Refund Advance loan options will be automatically repaid from a client's tax refund.

To learn more about all Refund Advance products, visit JacksonHewitt.com/Refund-Advance or visit  https://office.jacksonhewitt.com/office-locator to locate the nearest Jackson Hewitt office. 


About Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is an innovator in the tax industry, with a mission to provide its hard-working clients access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds. Jackson Hewitt is devoted to helping clients get ahead and stands behind its work with its Maximum Refund and Lifetime Accuracy guarantees. Clients can choose to file at one of Jackson Hewitt’s nearly 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores and online. Jackson Hewitt makes it easy and convenient for clients to file their taxes. For more information about products, services, and offers, or to locate a Jackson Hewitt office, visit www.jacksonhewitt.com or call 1 (800) 234-1040.


Terms & Conditions

The Early Refund Advance, No Fee Refund Advance and Go Big Refund Advance are optional tax-refund-related loans (not the actual tax refund) provided by MetaBank® at participating locations for a limited time. The Early Refund Advance and No Fee Refund Advance are 0% APR, no fee loans. The Go Big Refund Advance fee is 2% of the loan amount. For example, for $2,500 borrowed with a fee of 2%, total amount payable in a single payment is $2,550. APR is 29.2% assuming loan duration of 25 days but effective APR will vary based on number of days outstanding. The amount of the loan and loan fee (if applicable) will be deducted from tax refunds reducing the amount paid directly to the taxpayer. Fees for other optional products or product features may apply. Tax returns may be filed without applying for the Go Big Refund Advance. Loan amounts are between $200 - $3,200 for the No Fee Refund Advance and between $1,000 - $6,400 for the Go Big Refund Advance and are inclusive of the Early Refund Advance loan amount. Only $200–$500 available at no cost starting 12/16/19 with a paystub (or other acceptable income verification), and must apply for additional Refund Advance loan when filing with Jackson Hewitt. Availability and loan amount subject to ID verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards. Disbursement rules apply. All loans available within 24 hours if disbursed on a prepaid card or within 1-5 days with direct deposit. Jackson Hewitt is a Rhode Island Licensed Loan Broker and holds other relevant licenses for the locations where these products are offered. Go Big Loan not available in Connecticut. Visit [www.jacksonhewitt.com/refund-advance] for details.


About Meta Financial Group, Inc.®

Meta Financial Group, Inc.® (Nasdaq: CASH) is the holding company for the financial services company MetaBank® ("Meta"). Founded in 1954, Meta has grown to operate in several different financial sectors: payments, commercial finance, tax services and consumer lending. Meta works with high-value niche industries, strategic-growth companies and technology adopters to grow their businesses and build more profitable customer relationships. Meta tailors solutions for bank and non-bank businesses and provides a focused collaborative approach. The organization is helping to shape the evolving financial services landscape by directly investing in innovation and complementary businesses that strategically expand its suite of services. Meta has a national presence and over 1,100 employees, with corporate headquarters in Sioux Falls, S.D.  For more information, visit the Meta Financial Group website.


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