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Tax Experts at Jackson Hewitt Share Top Tips to Get a Worry-Free Tax Refund

JERSEY CITY, N.J., February 27, 2023 – The 2022 tax filing season is in full swing, and the IRS has reported minimal hiccups, with more than 36 million tax returns received as of the week ending Feb. 17, 2023, and the current average tax refund amount being $3,140. With millions of taxpayers still needing to file, the experts at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services® are sharing the top tips on how to get a worry-free tax refund this year.

“While the federal deadline to file 2022 income tax returns for most taxpayers is April 18, 2023, there’s no reason people should wait to file once they have all of their documents, especially because over two-thirds of taxpayers typically get a refund – so why wait,” asked Mark Steber, Chief Tax Information Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. “My biggest piece of advice: take filing your tax return seriously. It’s your single largest financial transaction each year and deserves proper attention, or it could cause you trouble with the IRS or risk the chance of receiving a smaller tax refund than you’re entitled to.” 

The experts at Jackson Hewitt are sharing the top four tips to get a worry-free refund this year:

  1. File an accurate return . When the IRS receives and processes a tax return, if information in the return doesn’t match what is in the IRS system, the return typically is put under review. Mismatched information can be anything from capital gains or losses, omitting or misstating income, or a transposed social security number.
  2. Electronically file and deposit refunds . Submit your federal and state tax return electronically. This doesn’t just mean doing the tax return on a computer, but also submitting it electronically and not mailing it in. Electronic filing is safer because it is a more secure way of transferring personal information to the IRS. Same for having a refund directly deposited electronically, as it is safer and quicker than getting a check in the mail.
  3. File early . The IRS typically issues refunds for electronic returns within 21 days, and in many cases faster. So, the earlier a taxpayer files an accurate tax return, the sooner the refund is received.
  4. Work with a Tax Pro . Not only will taxpayers save personal time and the stress of having to file a tax return all alone, but a professional Tax Pros is trained and understands tax code, regulations, and changes that happen annually, as well as the tax implications of any life changes. If a taxpayer files a tax return on their own, they might make a mistake or miss claiming a credit or deduction, ultimately meaning they could receive a smaller tax refund and leave money on the table.


New this year at Jackson Hewitt, taxpayers can win money in the company’s Double Your Refund sweepstakes, which is open now through April 2, 2023. Jackson Hewitt will select 40 grand prize winners to win a “double tax refund” cash prize equivalent to the value of the winner’s federal tax refund, with a maximum match of $15,000, and a minimum of $1,500. Additionally, each week, 40 runner-up winners will win $400.

“For the past 40 years, Jackson Hewitt has been an advocate for hardworking Americans and has provided tax services to over 60 million clients.  Through servicing our clients, we have seen firsthand the impact the current economy has on people’s lives. On a regular basis it causes many emotions –shock, anger, and surprise – which are often felt when buying groceries, filling up the gas tank or paying rent. We also know many Americans will be frustrated when they receive a lower tax refund this year, or even owe money, since all the pandemic government benefits have ended.” said Kim Hudson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services . "With all those factors at play, we wanted to help, so we created the Double Your Refund sweepstakes. I am excited to share we have already selected more than 170 winners and awarded $128,000 to date with the potential to give away over $500,000 more before the end of the 12-week sweepstakes.”      

There are two ways to enter Jackson Hewitt’s Double Your Refund sweepstakes and there is a limit of one entry per person, regardless of entry method:

  • Taxpayers who file a 2022 federal tax return at any Jackson Hewitt location within the sweepstakes period will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. To find a store location to make an appointment, visit here .
  • Taxpayers not filing with Jackson Hewitt may also enter one of the weekly drawings by mailing in an entry by the Monday following the week that their federal tax return was filed with the IRS within the sweepstakes period.

Winners are selected in random drawings weekly during the 12-week entry period. All potential winners will be notified by email, phone, or mail. For full rules, terms, and conditions of the sweepstakes, visit . 

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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.  is an innovator in the tax industry, with a mission to provide its hardworking clients access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds. Jackson Hewitt is devoted to helping clients get ahead and stands behind its work with its Maximum Refund Guarantee and Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee® (restrictions apply, see Jackson Hewitt’s  website   for more details). Jackson Hewitt has more than 5,600 franchise and company-owned locations nationwide, including 2,700 in Walmart stores as well as online tax prep services, making it easy and convenient for clients to file their taxes. For more information about products, services, and offers, or to locate a Jackson Hewitt office, visit or call 1 (800) 234-1040.

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