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    03.18.13 Tax Tip - Dependent Parents

    Did you know that if you are providing support for your parent(s), you may be able to claim them as a dependent. If you are providing over half the cost of your parent(s) support including housing costs, food, utilities, medical

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    07.31.12 Enrollment Starts Now for Tax School This Fall!

    When you enroll in Jackson Hewitt’s Tax School, our experienced instructors will provide education and training for beginners, as well as ongoing tax education and training to meet IRS requirements for experienced tax professionals. And, learning to prepare taxes is

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    04.26.11 Start Preparing for the Next Tax Filing Season Now

    Now that tax season is over, it is time to start preparing for next year. These simple steps can help you receive a refund next year and you reduce your taxes. Predict the future – using your last pay stub

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    04.20.11 Spring Tax Cleaning

    The IRS had a record year for electronic filing.  Before the end of day, April 18, More than one million people filed their tax returns electronically.  Less than one million tax returns were electronically filed in all of calendar year 2010.