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Got an IRS letter? We can help resolve it.

IRS letters range from simple notices to penalties and more. Our expert Tax Professionals can help and see about resolving your issue.

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Expert Tax Professionals to solve your tax problems

Representation and resolution for IRS issues. The IRS contacting you can be stressful. We will work with you and work with the IRS for you.

  • Expert knowledge

    We know simple to complex notices. We resolve tax issues at federal and state levels.

  • Upfront pricing

    It doesn't have to be expensive. We'll determine the best plan for you. Know your price before we start.

  • Decades of experience

    With over 35 years in the tax industry, we know how to resolve all tax notice issues.

  • Year-Round availability

    Our centralized team is available all year long, with extended weekday hours to fit your schedule.

We'll analyze and build a resolution plan

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    We'll analyze the notice and explain the options to get to a resolution.

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    An expert Tax Pro will get to know your unique situation to create a step-by-step plan to get to resolution.

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    We'll work with you and the IRS to get to a resolution. We'll talk to the IRS so you don't have to.

When it comes to tax notices, we can help

Amending Your Return

Amending Your Return

Made a mistake on your tax return? Not all is lost, you can file an amended return to correct any mistake. Read on to find out how.

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How to Pay Back Taxes You Owe to the IRS

How to Pay Back Taxes You Owe to the IRS

Additional Collection FAQs – JH site edits

What are back taxes?

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What is the IRS Notice CP504?

If the IRS can’t get your attention through other notices requesting payment, they may start sending more serious ones that tell you how else they intend to get the money they’re owed. A CP504 Notice opens the way for the IRS to potentially issue a levy against your state tax refund, or even seize your property to cover your payment.

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What is an IRS CP2000 Notice?

A CP2000 letter, “Notice of Underreported Income,” is not a formal audit that would require a full tax examination by the IRS. It is, however, an automatically generated letter, which is a notice from the IRS essentially saying, “We don’t think you reported all of your income so we are proposing a change to your return.”

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How to Settle Tax Debt With the IRS for Less

You might have heard about how it is possible to settle your IRS tax debt for less than the actual amount you owe. While it is not possible to get the IRS to let you off easily, there are some circumstances where you might be able to work out an Offer in Compromise (OIC).

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IRS Penalty Relief: Which Type Is Right for You?

We all know that the IRS assesses millions of dollars in penalties from taxpayers every year, but many people are not aware that the IRS also offers penalty relief for those eligible. It is important to understand what your obligations are to the IRS and the right penalty relief options there are for your particular situation. For example, you may have late payment penalty, which means you didn’t pay your taxes by the due date of the tax return, generally April 15, but May 17 for 2020 returns. There are many different types of penalties but here we will explore the types of penalty relief options offered by the IRS.

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Tax Identity Theft: What to Do if You've Been Targeted

Tax Identity Theft: What to Do if You’ve Been Targeted

The process of filing taxes every year takes plenty of time and effort even if everything goes perfectly. Add to that the worry about tax return identity theft, and your stress levels are bound to skyrocket. Knowing the signs to watch out for and keeping a close watch on the status of your tax return can help you stay safe and minimize risks of falling victim to scammers.

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