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Tax Pro Recruiting

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Why Become a Tax Preparer?

If you want the potential to earn money while working a gratifying job that helps others, tax preparation may be an opportunity for you! With the high demand for preparers, tax preparation is a great way to jump-start a stable professional career with a flexible schedule and opportunity for growth.

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Learn Your Way—On Your Schedule

Jackson Hewitt®offers multiple ways to learn, including:


Textbook version led by an instructor in a Jackson Hewitt office.


On your own time, from any internet-connected computer, and with the added benefit of assistance and support at a local Jackson Hewitt office.

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Already An Experienced Tax Professional?

We value your experience and want to help you continue to grow by giving you all the tools you need to succeed:

  • Year-long, FREE continuing educational opportunities**
  • Employee recognition programs
  • College credits through the University of Phoenix***
  • And more
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Why Learn With Jackson Hewitt®?

Tax codes aren’t straightforward, that’s why taxpayers need trained professionals to help them through the dreaded filing process. Jackson Hewitt turns the complex into simple! Our Basic Tax Preparation Course teaches you all the skills you need to help others and also offers earning potential. With Jackson Hewitt®, you learn your way — online or in person — at your own pace! If you want hands-on experience from skilled instructors, this course is for you.

Interested in earning college credits? Our comprehensive curriculum is accredited with the University of Phoenix®, so you’ll even earn college credit along the way (3.5 hours to be exact!). Learn with us and learn from the best!

Entry Level Tax Course

What You'll Learn

  • Filing requirements and filing status
  • Exemptions and dependents
  • Income
  • Capital gains and loses
  • Adjustments to income
  • Standard deduction and itemized deductions
  • Credits
  • Filing a return
  • Practices, procedures, and ethics

Course Graduates Receive

  • Jackson Hewitt certification
  • Certificate of completion
  • Qualifying education hours
  • 3.5 hours of recognized credit with the University of Phoenix®

Time to Complete:

Approximately 70 hours*

Intermediate and Advanced Courses also available

*Course completion times vary by state requirements