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Let's see if you prequalify for a Refund Advance loan! How much was your federal tax refund last year?

So you got a $ federal tax refund last year. Did you get the full amount?*

Got a Refund Advance with us last year

The No Fee Refund Advance is an optional tax refund related loan (not the actual tax refund) provided by Metabank® at participating locations for a limited time. The No Fee Refund Advance is 0% APR, no fee loan. The loan amount is deducted from tax refunds reducing the amount payed to the taxpayer. Fees for other optional products may apply. Tax returns may be filed without applying for this loan. Loan amounts are between $200-$3,200. Only $200-$500 available starting 12/16/19 with a paystub or other acceptable income verification. Availability and loan amount subject to ID verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards. Disbursement rules apply. Loan available within 24 hours if disbursed on a prepaid card or in 1-5 business days with direct deposit, unless impacted by IRS delays. Visit for more details. Most offices are independently owned and operated.

Last year, did you have money taken out of your taxes for childcare, back taxes, or outstanding student loans?*
Did you file with us last year?*
How did you file your taxes last year?*

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