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Special March Refer-A-Friend® Offer

You get $50 - your friends could get $200!

Special Refer-A-Friend® offer until March 31, 2019.


There’s no limit. You Keep Referring. We’ll Keep Paying.

This March tell your friends about our Switch & Get $200 promotion. You get $50 for every new client you refer who files with us. Qualifying new clients get $200 - $100 this year, $100 next year!

Your friends deserve 100% Accuracy and the Maximum Refund guaranteed too.

How it works

Complete your taxes with us
After you complete your taxes with Jackson Hewitt, you will receive your Refer-A-Friend coupons with referral codes via email.
Start sharing!
Share your referral code with your friends via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
Start earning!
When a friend redeems the Refer-A-Friend code (just show it to a Tax Pro) Jackson Hewitt will give you $50!


“I’ve had friends that have had issues with other companies switch to Jackson Hewitt and are still with them today just as I am.”

– Stephanie M.

General Refer A Friend FAQs

Got a question?

How can I tell if I’m eligible for the $50 referral reward?

All Jackson Hewitt clients who have filed their 2018 taxes at a participating location are eligible. Contact your local office to see if they are participating. You can also submit your email address below to get your referral instructions.

I’m eligible! How does the $50 Referral promotion work?

After you complete your taxes with Jackson Hewitt, you will receive coupons and referral codes via email. When the new client you referred asks their Tax Pro for Switch & Get $200 and presents the coupon and referral code, Jackson Hewitt will send you $50. There’s no limit to the number of customers you can refer.  Your friend must file at a participating location by March 31, 2019 and must present your Refer-A-Friend coupon for you to get your reward. 

Who qualifies as a referral?

A qualified referral is a new client who files with Jackson Hewitt in March 2019.  A new client is a customer who has not filed their 2017 or 2018 taxes with Jackson Hewitt.

What happens if I didn’t supply an email when I filed my taxes?

You can find referral codes as part of your documents in MyJH when you link your account to your return. You can also contact the office where you filed to have your referral codes printed to be picked up.

What is the Switch & Get $200 promotion?

Under the Switch & Get $200 promotion, qualifying new clients get $100 this year when they file with Jackson Hewitt and $100 next year when they file with us again. To qualify, a new client must have a minimum tax preparation fee of $150 each year. The Switch and Get $200 promotion is available until  April 12, 2019. Qualifying new clients will get $100 on a prepaid card or Walmart eGift card. This offer is not valid with any other promotion or discount and is available in participating locations only.  Learn more.

What if the referred client doesn’t qualify for Switch & Get $200?

The referred client may not qualify for a few reasons. If the referred client doesn’t qualify for Switch & Get $200 because their tax preparation fees were below $150, they are eligible for the original offer on their Refer-A-Friend coupon. For most offices, this is a coupon for $20 off tax preparation fees, but the offer does vary by location. Check your Refer-A-Friend coupon to see what your offer is. This Refer-A-Friend coupon is not valid with any other promotion or discount. If the referred client doesn’t qualify for Switch & Get $200 because they are not a new client, they may still be eligible for other retention promotions. They should discuss possible promotions with their tax preparer. [In this instance, you will not receive the $50 referral reward.]