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Taxes done for you without leaving home

We are no longer accepting new returns for the 2020 tax year, but if you still need to file we're here to help. Come in to a local office to have an expert Tax Pro prepare your return or file yourself online.

File yourself online

Get Matched To the Right Tax Pro

Virtual Tax Pros who do your filing anytime, anywhere

Tax Pro From Home provides upfront price quotes, the best Tax Pro match for you, and immediate tax notifications. It's easier than ever to file comfortably from home.

  • Get matched to a skilled Tax Pro available by secure chat or phone

  • Multiple layers of security to protect our clients' data from the moment they contact us, either online, in person, or by phone

  • Get real time updates about your taxes

  • Unlimited virtual customer support and on-demand chats with your Tax Pro

  • Upfront pricing means no more secrets. Know the cost before you're matched with your Tax Pro.

How virtual tax filing works

  • 1

    Get matched quickly

    Create an account and answer a few tax questions. Once complete, you're given a price quote and matched with a skilled Tax Pro!

  • 2

    Upload your tax documents

    Once matched, upload your tax docs and your Tax Pro starts your return. We'll securely message you with any other needs.

  • 3

    Sit back & relax

    We'll take it from here. If you have questions, securely message or chat with your Tax Pro while they prepare your taxes.

  • 4

    Finish & eSign Securely

    Almost done. Just review your return and eSign to complete it. Enjoy the rest of your day!

New virtual tax prep, same filing confidence

Real Tax Pros backed by industry-leading guarantees

Tax Pro From Home delivers an error free return, with your maximum refund guaranteed.

Skilled Tax Pros matched to you

When it comes to getting every credit and deduction you deserve, our virtual tax preparers don't miss a beat. You already did the hard work, so let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your taxes. Your job? Relax, hopefully on your favorite couch.

Industry-leading guarantees backing you

When you file virtually with Tax Pro From Home, you're backed by the best guarantees and customer support in the industry. We'll make sure you get your maximum refund guaranteed.


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