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file confidently

File at home - virtually with a Tax Pro or online on your own

We know how tough the last year was, so we made it even easier to file from home. File confidently with our flexible filing options.

Help me choose the filing option best for me

Select every statement that applies to you.


File virtually with a Tax Pro

File virtually with a Tax Pro

Get matched to the right Tax Pro and file comfortably from home. No office visits or face time required. File safely today.


File online on your own

File online on your own

Confidently file an error-free tax return with intelligent software and our 100% Accuracy Guarantee. File with Jackson Hewitt Online today.

Unsure which option is best for you? Compare them here.

Why file with Tax Pro From Home

File with the certainty of a Tax Pro

With stimulus payments and unemployment assistance complicating taxes, get the help you need. File with certainty when you file with Tax Pro From Home, and get the error-free maximum refund you deserve.

  • Convenience & flexibility

    Start filing whenever and wherever you like. With Tax Pro From Home, get matched with a trained and skilled Tax Pro who will maximize your refund.

  • New platform, same Tax Pros

    Our skilled Tax Pros are backed by industry experts. File anytime you like, we'll make sure you get all your credits and deductions.

  • Clear & upfront pricing

    Up front pricing means you know what you're paying before you're done. No surprises.

Do it yourself

Feel confident filing yourself online

File confidently with Jackson Hewitt Online and get the guidance and tools you need to be successful. All for one low price!
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