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Best for simple returns Many people qualify when filing:

Single or married filing jointly

Up to $100,000 taxable income

The standard deduction

W-2 wages and/or unemployment

Earned Income Credit with no dependents

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+ $39.99 per state filed

Best for families and retirees This includes filings with:

Children and other dependents

Schedule EITC and Child Tax Credit

Dependent care expenses

Student loans, educator expenses

Retirement income

Limited Time



+ $39.99 per state filed

Best for complex returns You’ll need this if you are filing:

Income over $100,000


Rental property

Itemized deductions

Other income, credits or deductions

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Features & Forms FREE $49.99 + $39.99 per state $69.99 + $39.99 per state
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Efiling of your federal and state returns
Secure storage and online access to your return
Automatic import of last year's return from Jackson Hewitt Online
Unlimited Online Support
Support for W2 income, Interest income and all unemployment income
Claim EIC with no dependents
Schedule EIC / EIC with dependents  
Student loan interest deduction  
Mortgage interest and property tax deduction (Schedule A)  
Claim dependents  
Full self-employment income and deductions (Schedule C)    
Investments including retirement, stocks, and bonds (Schedule D)    
Rental property income and deductions (Schedule E)    
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Filing your taxes online with Jackson Hewitt is fast, easy, and accurate. Our easy-to-use online tax-filing software provides step-by-step instructions, a comprehensive tax-help database, and even an IRS tax-form view for expert users. If you decide you’d rather have one of our Tax Pros prepare your return, you can always visit your local Jackson Hewitt office here.

Separate charges apply to in-person services.