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    When You File Your Taxes Online With Our New Jackson Hewitt® Online Platform, Every Return Gets Our:
    • Check Mark Icon100% Accuracy Guarantee
    • Check Mark IconMaximum Refund Guarantee
    • Check Mark IconSatisfaction Guarantee
    File Early and Get Our Lowest Price for Your Return
    Includes all state returns
    Best for simple returns. Many people qualify when filing:
    • Single or married filing jointly
    • Up to $100,000 in taxable income
    • The standard deduction
    • W-2 wages and/or unemployment
    • Earned Income Credit w/o kids
    $34.95 $69.95
    + $36.95 per state filed
    Best for families and retirees. This includes filings with:
    • Children and other dependents
    • Schedule EIC and child tax credit
    • Dependent care expenses
    • Student loans, educator expenses
    • Retirement income
    $54.95 $109.95
    + $36.95 per state filed
    Best for complex returns. You’ll need this if you are filing:
    • Income over $100,000
    • Self-employment
    • Rental property
    • Itemized deductions
    • Other income, credits or deductions
    Plus, when you file with Jackson Hewitt Online, you’ll always get:
    • Easy step-by-step tax preparation to file
    • Secure Storage and access to your returns
    • Unlimited online support
    • Auto-completion of state returns
    What past clients have said:

    "The do-it-yourself online filing process was simple & fast."
    - Katie

    “It was simple & easy as 1, 2, 3.”
    - Mytisha

    “It’s easy and convienant. You can start and stop any time.”
    - Jason

    "I felt comfortable even though it was my first time ever filing electronically."
    - David

    We’ll Help You File Online or At A Local Office
    Filing your taxes online with Jackson Hewitt is fast, easy, and accurate. Our easy-to-use online tax filing software provides step-by-step instructions, a comprehensive tax help database, and even an IRS tax form view for expert users. If at any time you decide you’d prefer to meet with one of our Tax Pros to prepare your return, you can always visit your local tax preparation office here.
    Separate charges apply to in-person services.
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    100% Accuracy Guarantee
    If our software makes an error, we’ll pay your penalties & interest.
    Maximum Refund Guarantee
    You’ll get the maximum refund you deserve or your money back.
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you don’t file, we’ll refund any tax prep fees paid.