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Work that works around you

Working at a Jackson Hewitt location, you can choose morning, day, night, or weekend hours.

Careers at Jackson Hewitt

Taxes can be rewarding

Flexible opportunities

Enjoy more work-life balance with seasonal jobs and flexible schedules.

Career growth

Build your future with in-demand skills for the career you want, with lots of room to grow. 

Local opportunities

Give back by helping your neighbors get back every dollar they deserve. It's a good feeling!

Hear it first-hand

What employees value*

  • "There is a strong team presence. Provides great education opportunities for teams, because of the sharing of knowledge and support."

    - Client Service Associate

  • "We have a great team that we work with and I have referred many of my friends to work here."

    - Tax Pro

  • "I have worked here for over 11 years. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I also enjoy helping others. I have amazing bosses that I am extra grateful."

    - Client Care Manager

  • "There is an atmosphere of comradery, helpfulness, flexibility in work schedule."

    - Tax Pro

  • "I have been with the company for 14 years. Room for growth. Great support team"

    - Tax Pro

*Testimonials are from people employed by either
corporate owned or independently owned franchise
Photos are illustrative only.