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COVID-19 Update: Stimulus Note to Clients from CEO Alan Ferber

We hear you

During this unprecedented time, as we face a global pandemic and the economic hardship and uncertainty it has caused, we understand that stimulus money is desperately needed for you and your families. We have heard you – you are angry, scared you may not be able to pay bills, and extremely confused and frustrated by the lack of information or conflicting information about stimulus funds.

At Jackson Hewitt, the Tax Pros across the country and our corporate employees work hard to help each and every client during tax season and beyond. Many Tax Pros have helped you file year after year and have gotten to know your families.

We have been in communication with the IRS and have received incomplete information, or at times, information that has changed. While we still don’t have all of the answers from the IRS that you may want or need, it’s important to me to tell you what we know today and direct you to the IRS tools that are available.

Stimulus funds are distributed by the IRS and a few began to be sent late last week. Some taxpayers have already received their funds into bank accounts and by checks in the mail. However all payments have not been sent. I know it can be incredibly frustrating to hear that others are receiving much-needed money. 

We know that the IRS has not yet sent millions of hardworking taxpayers their stimulus funds. Jackson Hewitt and its franchise locations don’t have stimulus funds and are not holding them anywhere. The money will be coming from the IRS to taxpayers. For those who are still waiting for funds from the IRS, we understand this is very frustrating and, unfortunately, the solution for one taxpayer to get his or her stimulus money may not be the same as another.

We’ve taken what we know today and created a table on our website based on what your specific situation may be so you understand, for you, how the IRS may send your stimulus funds and any actions you may want to take in advance.

We know some of you desperately need this stimulus money and we never want you to have to wait. Please know that we have heard you and are working to assist you wherever we can.

Alan D. Ferber
CEO of Jackson Hewitt

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