• IRS e-file

    IRS e-file is the electronic transmission of your tax return to the IRS. Jackson Hewitt provides free electronic filing of federal and state returns for all customers who pay for tax preparation. For a fee, we can also e-file a tax return that you prepared yourself, or that was not prepared by Jackson Hewitt. This is called a Transmit-Only Return. Fees for Transmit-Only Returns are set locally by each Jackson Hewitt office.

    When you e-file your return at Jackson Hewitt, you can choose one of the free IRSDirect options.

    The following are frequently asked questions regarding IRS e-file.

    Why file electronically?

    IRS e-file uses automation to replace most of the steps needed to process paper returns. As a result, the processing of IRS e-file returns is more accurate than the processing of paper returns. With IRS e-file, Jackson Hewitt electronically transmits your return directly to the IRS. You do not have to worry about your return being lost or delayed in the mail. Within 48 hours, the IRS sends Jackson Hewitt an acknowledgement that your return has been accepted. You only receive this advantage when you e-file.

    How long do I have to wait for my refund?

    If you use e-file, you can choose one of the free IRS Direct options. According to the latest information from the IRS, 9 out of 10 refunds will be issued again this year in less than 21 days. The direct deposit option is free.

    What if I have a balance due?

    Jackson Hewitt makes it easy, convenient and even gives you flexibility in paying your balance due with our Flex-Pay® program, which provides many balance-due payment options.

    With Flex Pay, you can e-file and electronically pay at the time you file or choose a future payment date. No matter when your return is filed, you do not have to pay what you owe until April 17. In the meantime, you have electronic proof of return acceptance from the IRS.

    With Flex Direct, you can authorize a direct debit from your checking or savings account at the time your tax return is prepared. If you do not want to pay your balance immediately, you can specify a payment date and delay payment until April 17.

    With Flex Credit, you can also pay by credit card using one of the IRS credit card service providers. See Pay Your Taxes by Debit or Credit Card, on the IRS website for more information on payment by credit card.

    Contact your neighborhood Jackson Hewitt office for more information.