• Adults Under Age 65

    ACA and families with children

    Health insurance affects every tax return. Jackson Hewitt is here to help you figure out what the affect is on your tax return.

    • Beginning in 2014, everyone can get health coverage. You can’t be turned down, even if you’re sick.
    • For some, advanced payment of tax credits will help pay all or part of the cost of insurance. Some individuals can even get free coverage.
    • What happens when life happens? Life changes have a big impact on your taxes as well as your health insurance. If at any time during the year you have a life change, you should apply for or adjust your coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Life changes include things such as: a child being born or becoming independent; moving or changing jobs; a change in marital status; even losing your health insurance. All of these changes and any others may affect your health insurance cost and the subsidies you may qualify for. Be sure to contact your local insurance Marketplace when you have any life changes.
    • Penalties if you don't have coverage: If you don’t get and keep insurance during 2017, then you may have to pay a tax penalty the next year. If you owe a penalty, you will pay it when you file your taxes in 2017, resulting in a smaller refund or larger liability. The penalty for not having health insurance, or an exemption from the requirement to have health insurance, will be the greater of; $2,085 per family or 2.5% of your income in 2017.

  • Helpful Resources

    • Find out if you may qualify to save on your health insurance premiums. Click here.
    • You may have to include a penalty for not having health insurance on your tax return. Check here for more information.