Ask Jillian - Tax Q&A

Today’s post comes from Tax Pro Jillian Johnson, who you might recognize from some of our TV commercials this year. Jillian is answering questions submitted by you, our social media fans and followers. We hope you’ll find the answers useful! 

I have paperless W2's. Do I need to print them off before I come in to file my return?
Teresa S., Hanover, PA

Hey Teresa, you may be able to get your W-2 online. If you can, we may be able to download your W-2 in our office; you can search to see if your W-2 is available online at JacksonHewitt.com. If your W-2 is not available for download, your Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro can help you print your W-2s in the office if you are unable to print them before coming in. Just find the nearest location and give them a call. Tell them Jillian sent you!

I own a couple residential rental properties. I paid a plumber about $800 to do some repairs. Do I have to give the plumber a Form 1099-Misc? There is much conflicting information out there!
Dennis A., Janesville

Dennis, I’m so glad you asked – it can be confusing to figure out who needs a Form 1099-MISC.  In your case, if you pay anyone over $600 for a service, then yes, you must provide them with a Form 1099-MISC and have it postmarked by the 31st of January.  This form can be filled out and printed on IRS.gov – here’s the link.  Once you complete that, then you send a copy to your plumber and another copy  to the IRS, along with Form 1096, which the IRS will use to verify that you issued the Form 1099-MISC your plumber reports. For help with this and any other questions, contact your local Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro.

In June of 2013, I adopted 2 of my 3 grandchildren. I received a government supplement for these children due to them being in the court system (Child Protective Services) of $600 a month per child for boarding care. It was explained to me by the adoption specialist, who worked for CPS, that after adoption the boarding care would continue but would become income for me instead of boarding care. I still receive this money but no taxes are taken out of it. This money is held against me as income for any state help (food stamps, clothing vouchers, home heating energy assistance) that I receive. Can I claim this money on my 2013 income taxes and how would I do that? I know that a 1099 would have to be filled out or received but do not know how to go about getting one.
Elizabeth P., Logan, WV

Elizabeth – First, congratulations on being the best grandmother in the world right now!You’re right to ask about this - there are many different types of payments available as adoption subsidies and each type of subsidy is handled differently for taxes.Some are nontaxable, some are partially taxable, and some are fully taxable, and until a tax pro sees exactly what type you are getting, it’s impossible to say how much – if any – of this income will be taxable.  The income you are receiving can also impact the amount of Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) if some part of it is taxable.  As for getting that 1099, it also depends on what type of adoption subsidy you are receiving.  Swing by your local Jackson Hewitt office so a Tax Pro can help determine how your individual situation.