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    • 5.21.2015
      Jackson Hewitt Salutes the Families of Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

      While we take a moment to remember our Fallen Heroes let’s look at the tax benefits available to those left behind.

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    • 5.20.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Salutes Some of America's Hardest Working, During National Waiters and Waitresses’ Day!

      We’re serving up some great tax advice for hard working waiters and waitresses…like YOU! We’re serving up some great tax advice for hard working waiters and waitresses…like YOU!

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    • 5.7.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Salutes America's Hardest Working Nurses during National Nurse's Week!

      If you work as a nurse, you may not be aware that there are specific tax tips, available just for you.

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    • 5.7.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Reports Strong 2015 Tax Season

      New Consumer Promise to Work Hard for America’s Hardest Working Resonates with Taxpayers and Drives Growth

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    • 4.14.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Offers Tax Tips to Last Minute Filers in America’s Hardest Working Cities

      As yet another way Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® is working hard for hard working Americans, the company has identified tax tips and deductions specific to taxpayers in the hardest working cities. 

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    • 3.24.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Reminds Hard-Working Americans They Can Still Claim 2011 Tax Refunds

      Jackson Hewitt Tax Service®, continuing its mission to work hard for hard-working Americans, is ready to help taxpayers complete their 2011 tax returns before more than $1 billion in unclaimed refunds expire on April 15, 2015. 

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    • 3.16.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Survey Finds Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know the Affordable Care Act Enrollment Has Been Extended

      Jackson Hewitt Tax Service®, one of the nation’s largest tax preparers, commissioned a survey of American adults to understand tax-related attitudes and awareness as we began the second half of the 2015 tax season. One of the key learnings was that nearly half (48%) of respondents believe that the deadline to register for 2015 healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has expired, demonstrating that people are not aware that the deadline to enroll has been extended until the end of April. Another 27 percent “don’t know” if the enrollment period has expired or not.

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    • 2.16.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Offers Hard-Working Americans a $20 Walmart eGift Card When They File with Jackson Hewitt Online

      As another example of how Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® is working hard for hard-working Americans, the company is offering a $20 Walmart eGift Card for filing a return of $34.95 or more online.  This is in addition to the recent announcement that Turbo-Tax customers can file their state returns for free through Jackson Hewitt Online using offer code 14TTSTATE.  

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    • 1.28.2015
      Hardest Working Americans Missing Out on Millions in Refunds by Overlooking Earned Income Tax Credit

       Toward the end of last year’s tax filing deadline, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that more than $760 million in unclaimed refunds reserved for the hardest working Americans would disappear after April 15 – so many dollar bills that, if stacked, they would reach higher than 187 Empire State Buildings. Because a large portion of this missed opportunity comes from failing to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the IRS has declared Friday to be EITC Awareness Day. 

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    • 1.21.2015
      Jackson Hewitt® Partners with Tax Defense Network® to Help Hard-Working Americans Cope with Tax Debt

      Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® today announced a partnership with Tax Defense Network®, a leading tax debt resolution provider, to help hardworking Americans resolve debt from back taxes. By visiting jacksonhewitt.com, clients can schedule a free, confidential consultation with a tax debt relief expert from our trusted partners at the Tax Defense Network®, and develop a plan to get back on track.

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