Tax Pro Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Thanksgiving is coming! It’s a time for family, friends, food, and – for millions – travel. We asked our Tax Pros how they would be celebrating the holiday, and took a look at how their holidays compare to the celebration at homes across the country just like yours. So what does Thanksgiving look like for a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro based on our survey of more than 200 Tax Pros?

Close to home:

It’s estimated that the turkey that ends up on your plate traveled about 1,500 miles to get there. Lucky for our Tax Pros, they will be traveling far fewer miles. About 65% of Tax Pros plan on traveling 25 miles or less to their Turkey Day destination, and most of those are hosting. The average distance traveled for Americans is roughly 500 miles. The turkey still wins.

Big gatherings:

Our Tax Pros love people and that is going to show at their dinner table. A little more than half will have between 9 and 20 friends and family breaking bread with them this year – and another 15% will be eating with groups of more than 20!

Traditional turkey:

46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving. While some Tax Pros may be experimenting with food preparation this year (including 13% who will deep-fry the bird), 76% will be making a good ‘ole oven roasted turkey. (For the record, our informal Facebook poll earlier this week yielded similar results – 67% oven-roasted, 15% deep-fried, with the balance preparing some other way or skipping the turkey.)

Passing the pie:

Pumpkin Pie may be a symbol of Thanksgiving, but our Tax Pros have other desserts in mind. Only 21% said they’d have more than one slice, and 35% plan to pass on it altogether!

From dining room to living room:

Somewhere in the ballpark of 87 million Americans watch football on Thanksgiving. 48% of Tax Pros will be a part of that tradition. The couch will be getting a workout beyond the football fans, too – 19% will watch a movie or other TV, and 18% are planning on a nap.However you will be celebrating this Thanksgiving, we wish you well and hope you have much to be grateful for. Your local Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro. will be enjoying the holiday too, and grateful for the chance to help you with your taxes in the coming year!