Jackson Hewitt Professions Are Here To Help

We continually invest in technology, people, and solutions to provide you with comprehensive support for approved Jackson Hewitt software and computer hardware.  We have an online Support Center on JHnet, as well as a fully staffed team of professionals trained to respond to your software and technology needs in a timely manner.

Quick links to critical support information are available on the JHnet home page. 

JH Net

Our comprehensive online support center provides access to state tax and IRS information as well as the following support links:

Software Delivery System

Allows users to download and install current and prior-year ProFiler® software.

Remote Assistance

Provides view-only access to a local Jackson Hewitt computer so that Support Center Agents can assist in troubleshooting software or hardware issues.

Support Status

Provides daily IRS, NHQ Systems, and Bank Products status.   

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 When it comes to Jackson Hewitt, there’s so much they put out there for you – education, constant training – anywhere you want to go [with your business] you have support …
– Butch Baker, Franchise Operator, Southfield, MI