• Small Employers

    ACA and small employers
    The ACA makes a lot of changes that will affect your decisions as a small employer. Jackson Hewitt is here to help answer some important questions like: does it still make sense to offer health insurance to my employees? Do my employees still need me to offer health insurance? Or, if you do not currently offer health insurance to your employees — what can I do to help make sure my employees and their families get covered under the new insurance affordability programs like Health Insurance Marketplaces?
    •  Dropping coverage may be better for employees in the long run. With the option available through the ACA, employers may have an incentive to drop coverage — or change the employer contribution for employee and family coverage.
    •  Some small employers may also qualify for special tax credits under the ACA. For more detail, check out this report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Read PDF.

  • Helpful Resources

    •  Want to get technical? Check out these expert reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS):
    •  Report on premium assistance tax credits under the ACA. Read PDF.
    •  Report on the individual mandate tax penalty under the ACA. Read PDF.
    •  A primer on health insurance. Read PDF.