Fun Fact of the Day: the Oscars and the ACA


Six years ago, “SICKO,” Michael Moore’s movie about the U.S. health care system received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.  While “Taxi to the Dark Side” ultimately took home the Oscar in that category that year, SICKO arguably had an impact on the national discussion about health reform.  Health care expert Bob Laszewski suggested back in 2007 that Moore’s film helped to doom the discussion about single payer,* while Health Affairs blogger Sarah Dine argued in early 2008 that we were really focused on the wrong health care film.**  Both writers make fascinating points and are worth re-reading for a reminder of our pre-ACA sensibilities.

Interestingly, the 111
th Congress passed the Affordable Care Act on March 21, 2010 after health care reared its head at the Academy Award ceremony two years prior.  One can only wonder what tomorrow night portends for our health care future!  

Being based in Music City, though, we’re naturally rooting for 20 Feet from Stardom for the Best Documentary Feature category.  And as we noted in our piece on the Taxes, Grammys, and the ACA,*** the Affordable Care Act make health coverage more accessible to struggling musicians and artists.

Funny: Film influences law, which then has an impact on music.  Who knew?

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